Re: Changing text color in Prana Pro


Hi swolke,
Welcome to DesignOrbital community!

I would like to have a nearly black background of my page (this part I have managed – or could manage it). But then otherwise I need a bright color for my headlines and texts for to keep them readable …

Prana has “Light” background and all other elements like Text Color, Headings etc are adjusted according to it.

Is this possible, did I perhaps only overlook a button?

You are planning to change the layout of Prana from Light to Dark, so it is not simple with few clicks.

Could you please tell my where exactly I would have to change entries in the style editor?

If you want to play with the stylesheet, than you can get your desired layout by making changes in the relevant sections.

=Skeleton Section

It will help to set the background / text color for the whole body

=Sidebar Section

It will help you to change Sidebar link colors

=Headings Section

It will help you to adjust Headings colors

So the stylesheets of DesignOrbital themes are self-explanatory.
Don’t forget to take backup of style.css before going to edit it.