Re: Contango Pro – Layout on Mobile Device


This is probably reckless WP development, so be forewarned with my change suggestion. When you update you’ll probably loose this change. With the change below I can now pinch zoom and shrink with my iPhone 5 (ios 7) and iPad (ios 8), which for people that need reading glasses this is a huge help. Also the entire page comes up retaining its original format/look – menus in the right spots, sidebars in the right spots, etc. (they are just small, but pinch zoom and life is good). I haven’t tested this in other page layouts.

It doesn’t quite have the same display behavior as the free contango theme, but I want to support the development of this theme and there are a lot more options with pro. So I’m moving forward until I’m ready for a responsive design.

The fix edit:

Change this line:


It would be really good if there wes an option to disable the responsive portion of the theme. There are a significant number of people when you research this problem that would like this for other responsive themes as well. Or an option on the site to click-through to mobile version.