Re: Create a page link from services


Hi Graham,

In Services, can you add an option to link to a page from a “Service” item.

Yes you can. Services post has full featured Editor so you can use link to your target page in the Services Description. If you are thinking to link the Services Title to a specific page than this option is currently not available. However i have pushed it to the developers to consider it for next theme revision.

Also while the “Font Awesome” icon support is nice, the icon choice is limited.

There are currently 361 icons which is huge option.

It would be preferential to be able to include user specified graphic from the media library.

We are mainly focusing on Font Icons instead of graphical icons due to several advantages like,

  • Fast and Efficient: One HTTP request for all font icons in one package
  • Scalable: Support for Retina display
  • Neat, Clean and Modern Styling: No white edges and can easily be used on variety of backgrounds.
  • Versatile: Can be styled easily
  • Easy to Use: Just few words and you are done
  • etc