Re: Footer Tail


Thanks Sobrien,
Let me try to explain your points,

Footer Tail Concept:

  1. Footer Tail of Prana Pro contains Social Media Icons and Copyright block. It can easily be enabled/disabled via Appearance > Prana Options > Footer Settings.
  2. Footer Tail is a GLOBAL option which will be appeared site-wide at every place like Home Page, Blog Pages/Posts etc

I’ve been having trouble with having the footer tail appear when I use the default page template as a page option.

It should appear on pages – please make sure that you have enabled the Footer Tail in the Appearance > Parana Options > Footer Settings

It also seems the default page template option is the only way to include a sidebar?

You will notice TWO built-in sidebars in the Prana Pro Appearance > Wedgets

1. Primary Sidebar

Primary Sidebar is common for both pages and posts.

2. Page Sidebar

If you wish to display separate sidebar for your pages than you can drag and drop widgets here. Please note,

  1. If Page Sidebar has widgets than it will take control and Page Sidebar widgets will start displaying at pages by overriding the Primary Sidebar
  2. If Page Sidebar has no widgets than your pages will start displaying widgets of Primary Sidebar

Please feel free to ask additional questions.
Enjoy! and thanks for the appreciation of Prana Pro design.