Re: How to change the number of footer column and size


Hello Kamil,

I have just pasted “Contango Callout” widgets into the footer column and the column turned out to be too narrow to display it properly. Is the callout not designed for sidebar or footer column?

Contango Callout widget is designed for Full Width Widgetized Template only. So, it will not work properly in the sidebars. You may use standard WordPress text widget for sidebars.

I also pasted my “Get Response” widget into the footer column and it is also not wide enough for my opt-in.

Try to make the parent wrapper of your widget 100% to work for sidebars.

Can I make the column wider and/or get rid of 1 or 2 other columns?

Following thread might be helpful to you,

You may replace three footers with one and the class will be,

class=”sixteen columns”[/CODE]

Thanks[CODE]class=”sixteen columns”[/CODE]