Re: How to translate the “Read more” link?


Hello Radkah,

I will refer you the “Adding Homepage Excerpts” section of Antenna documentation.

Adding Homepage Excerpts

As you can see on the Antenna demo, each post has a small text excerpt that represents the post. This can be done in a couple different ways.

  • By default, Antenna will cut off your text and create an automatic excerpt using the first 35 words. While this will work, it’s not the cleanest option, since it will truncate your content automatically.
  • You can fine tune the excerpt by using the Excerpt box when creating your post. I recommend this option because it gives you the most control over how the excerpt displays.

This is not working for me

It should work, as it is default feature of WordPress core. Can you share your blog ?

According to you Getting Started page, you can tune the excerpt by using the Excerpt box, but I can find it/see it on my page.

Make sure, “Excerpt” is checked in “Screen Options”. Following link will be helpful to you,