Re: Performance problem: Images are resized in HTML or CSS

Markus Schwingruber

Hello DeginOrbital-Team

Thanks a lot for discussing my questions, I really appreciate it. Still I am not quite happy with your answer, I am afraid. There might be a missunderstanding: I do not worry so much about page speed in millisecs or secs but about the PageSpeed score of Google. You can run this test at And this score affects the page ranking in Google’s search engine heavily. I have attached an image of my PageSpeed Score from You can see there that the main problem resulting in a below average score is «not serving scaled images».
After reading quite a lot about this issue I am sure that serving double resolution images on non-retina devices and adjusting their size client-side is not a good way to go regarding serach engine optimization (it will result in bad ranking). I think a far better way is to detect retina-ready devices on the server and serve the retina-ready image (double size) to that device. And all non-retina devices should be served the smaller, lighter non-retina image (normal size).

Reducing the file size in the theme’s function file as you have suggested would do the trick regarding the above problem but my website would then look bad on retina displays. So this is not really a solution.

I wonder why you would object to the above outlined approach. May I ask you to reconsider your decision?

Thanks a lot and warm regards,