Re: Slider in Prana Pro


Hi locchava,
Let me explain your points,

I’m trying to set up the slider on the main page,

  1. It’s great, you already know to use Custom Post Type i.e Slider and able to upload slides by using Slides section.
  2. Now, You should setup a Front Page for your blog. Just follow the simple tutorial i.e.
  3. Now simply go to Appearance > Widgets and add slider Widget to Front Page and the magic will start. You can follow the simple tutorial about usage of widgets in the sidebars i.e.

I’m also wondering what the ‘Client Carousele’ and ‘Services’ are about.

  1. When you are able to use front page settings and slider widget than the usage of other widgets are same.
  2. You may setup unlimited slides, unlimited clients, unlimited services etc via respective custom post types.
  3. Than simply drag your desired widget and drop them in the Front Page sidebar to see them in action.

And can I add my fonts to the list of fonts supported in the theme?

  1. DesignOrbital supports Google Fonts at the moment. We have already integrated all fonts of Google Web Fonts (600+) in the themes and are committed to integrate the future released fonts by Google Web Fonts.
  2. So, you have huge choice of fonts to make your own Typographic Pair i.e. Primary Fonts / Secondary Fonts

Is there any manual available?

  1. Yes, we are adding basic to pro tutorials for our DesignOrbital community. You may visit the link to read the available tutorials i.e.
  2. We are committed to make it comprehensive with the passage of time by observing the FAQs by our users.

Feel free to ask additional questions.
Take Care