Re: Sliding headers?


Hi Nadia,

– prepared a new header (for above the menu)

Great! you can set your header via “Appearance > Header” – This is your Site Header

– prepared 3 new Pictures (.jpg) for the “slideshow” to be below the menu made a fixes FrontPage (that is not the blog)

Concept is absolutely correct. Ideal size for Slider image is 940 x 370

– put my slide widget “Prana flexslider” in the front page “sidebar” (under dashboard > widgets)

Absolutely correct.

When I go to add new slides (I assume thats what I have to do?) , what do I then do?

Please follow the simple steps

– Go to Slides > Add New
– Give the title of your slide – It will treat as slide caption.
– Click on “Set featured image” to upload your slide image.

So, you can create unlimited sliders by repeating these steps.

Recommend Tutorial:

This tutorial will help you – how to use Slider Widget