Minor Defect Using Widgets

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    I am using the Jetpack Blog Subscriptions widget in Footer Column 3 of my blog. I considered adding the same widget to my sidebar as well. But as I was testing this out, I noticed that my footer widget duplicated the words ‘Email Address’ right above the field where the user enters their email address. The widget on the sidebar was set up exactly the same and it looked fine. And when I removed the widget from the sidebar, the widget in the footer seemed to correct itself.

    So it seems there is a bug when using this widget in two places on the blog. I did not test this out using other widgets to see if there was a similar problem. Do you think this is an issue with the Jetpack Widget or the Contango theme itself? I’ve inserted the html files below if you want to compare the two versions (I wasn’t able to upload as files for some reason).

    Not a big deal, but I wanted to pass this along. Please let me know your thoughts.


    [IMG]http://file:///Users/jdullack/Downloads/About%20Me%20-%20Show%20Me%20Chow%201.html[/IMG] [IMG]http://file:///Users/jdullack/Downloads/About%20Me%20-%20Show%20Me%20Chow%202.html[/IMG]



    Widgets should work find with Contango. I have tested the Blog Subscriptions Widget by Jetpack in the Main Sidebar and Footer Sidebar. It is working fine. Please have a look to the screenshots.

    Please recheck your widget settings.





    See my attachment where I have the words ‘Email Address’ circled in red from your screenshot. That doesn’t belong and if you remove the widget from the sidebar and check the footer again, you will notice those words ‘Email Address’ are gone.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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