Re: A glitches & fixes thread for Contango 5.0

bohdan, post: 782, member: 324 wrote:

Just bought the theme and found a glitch which arises while WP_DEBUG = true. When you save settings in backend, you get following php notices and warnings:

I didn’t look into fixing it, maybe you take care of it sooner :)

Thanks for giving my attention towards PHP Notices.
Bohdan, Will you be able to share PHP version of your server, so we will try to test our all themes very close to that version as well. Currently, our development of themes is at the following benchmark,

PHP 5.5.10
MySql 5.5.34

Although we are not receiving PHP notices and warnings at this version but i have assigned this task at high priority to our developers to test the themes at the possible minimum level of PHP that might be 5.3.28 or may be 5.2.17

Once again thanks for giving your time for such a valuable feedback.