Re: Assorted problems: Adding Contango Modules & Front Page Formatting


Following points will be helpful to you.

I’m pretty new to wordpress and am working on a site for my wedding (

No problem, we will help you in designing your required layout. Read our Tutorials by dedicating some time so your “dedicated time” will really be helpful to play with Contango and our other themes.

Can someone help me figure out how to add media in the same format as the Contango preview pages :

This tutorial will be helpful to you.
You are lucky: This tutorial is also based on Contango and Services module.

I’d like to be able to replicate the modules like the ones used on the “about us” page in the demo (text block, icons & image slider.

Replicating the modules in the DesignOrbital themes are very easy. You need to learn one and all other modules are same.

I’ve also done something that makes my front page a list of all pages on the site.

Great start! I will recommend again to give some time to the tutorials by having a cup of coffee :)

Feel free to post again after spending some time with the modules.