Re: Caption or text on Portfolio images?

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If you are talking about image captions on single pages e.g.
You can add captions and image is automatically linked to big sized image to show in the light box.

I just realized that the thumbnails in that 3 column template show you two completely different things when you click the thumbnail image vs when you click the title of the post.
I guess I wasn’t asking the right question. Can you make captions show with the 2 column or 3 column sortable column portfolio template when you click the thumbnail image? I tried adding a caption to the image and text to the portfolio post and it does not display either one when you click the image and it displays full size.

If you click the title of the post, it takes you to a completely different view, which is what I think you are showing in the example you gave a link to. How do you set it up like this so the post has multiple images to scroll through (the 1-2-3 link at the bottom)? If I add multiple images to the Portfolio post, they just show up in a long list like a regular post.

admin, post: 1171, member: 1 wrote:
Portfolio template will try to get the image automatically with a pre-defined sequence from Featured Image to Images attached to the Post.

I tried creating a new Portfolio and if I do not add a featured image, it shows up as completely blank in the thumbnail, even if I have other images in the post.