Re: Changing Width of Footer Columns


That worked! Each footer column is now equal in width which, for my purposes, looks much better. Again, thanks very much!

For other novice website creators who are using a child theme, note that it was necessary to go into the original theme Editor as the files that need to be modified are not available in my child theme. To quickly find what you want to change, remember to use Control-F (Find) which is very helpful when looking for something in many lines of code. The original theme dictates how my child theme appears although minor changes can be made directly to the child theme.

For those new to the Child Theme concept, I use a plug-in called One-Click Child Theme which allows one to easily create a child theme from a theme. Using a child theme can be huge time saver when making and reversing changes that don’t work. I could even figure out how it worked when I knew almost nothing.