Re: Changing Width of Footer Columns


Hi Lotus,

Will I be modifying this with the Editor in the Contango Pro theme?

We usually recommend to use any good editor like Dreamweaver to edit such big changes.

Up to this point I’ve been working with a child theme of the original. Or to do this, do I need to go to my hosting site and make the changes there?

Working on Child Theme is recommended at Development server before deploying your final changes to the Production environment.

Sorry, but I don’t yet have a full grasp of the process. If you are able, please provide a more detailed explanation of the process to switch to one-third columns. Thank you!

I have forwarded this question to our developers and requested to implement one-third column (if possible easily). I will give you the exact code to avoid any confusion. I hope, thread will be updated within next 24 hours.