Re: Crop images to fit Slide



Does this mean I have to crop in another program before importing into WordPress?

I will say no and yes at the same time,

No – Need Of Cropping:

– Prana maximum recommended image dimension is 940 x 370. Its mean, when you will upload an image of this or greater dimension say (1200×1200) than all the required images will be cropped and adjusted automatically by Prana with the help of WordPress. So you have no need to make or crop exact dimensions. One image upload will satisfy all the other required images.

Yes – Need Of Cropping:

– You may crop images ONLY, when you want to achieve 100% accuracy about image display e.g. You want to set a slider and required dimension is (940×370) so

– If you upload the image by adjusting it by yourself in any image editor like Photoshop than the result will be 100% as you have adjusted it manually.
– (Otherwise) – Simply upload an image with greater than that required dimension than the Prana will CROP it automatically depending on the dimension of your uploaded image.