Re: Detailed Slider Tutorial


Talk about frustrating!!! We could be a while here and I’m getting old!
I printed off your instructions above and followed letter for letter.
1) I opened a new post (not page)
2) I titled it as suggested for demo purposes
3) I clicked to add media and clicked on a sample image 580×300
4) After uploading, the only option apart from inserting into post was to click the X in the right corner of the media screen. The media window closed. At this point I would have naturally assumed nothing had therefore been chosen. However, letter for letter I repeated the process to add a second identically dimensioned test slide and again closed the media screen by using the only option of the X.
5) I chose ‘Gallery’ from the format
6) I chose a slider
7) I published!

The result was a blank post with the title only. Also there was a side-bar and that is one of the things I don’t want on the front page. No slide show though. So I repeated the process, this time with the only difference being to ‘Insert into post’ on both images. I duly published.
The result was a page with two stacked images only – no slide show.

Would you be able to explain the following please?

1) Where is there a flaw in your instructions that I need to rectify?
2) How do I remove the sidebar that I don’t want
3) Why is there other features in the dashboard, such as ‘Slide Show’ if that doesn’t play a part in creating one?
4) Why is there a template called ‘front page’ if I can’t use it.

I am going on holiday in a week and was hoping to have got a lot further than this in the limited time I have. Could you, or someone knowledgable, throw some light on what I am apparently doing wrong and how to proceed. All I want to do is create a simple plain front page with header, no sidebar, and a four or five slide show intro. Is that possible?