Re: Detailed Slider Tutorial



I printed off your instructions above and followed letter for letter.

Your steps are correct and Blog Post should have slider.

According to my thinking, you are confusing the logic of Front Page and Blog Post Slider. Let me explain your questions.

1) Where is there a flaw in your instructions that I need to rectify?

Let forget the Front Page settings in this question. If you want to show slider in a Blog Post than your steps are correct. Even, i have repeated your steps and slider is working fine in a blog post. Please reverify the following settings.

1. Verify Images are uploaded to the post.
How ?
a. Click Add Media
b. Select Media Library tab.
c. You will see your uploaded images for this post. (I have uploaded two images for slider and viewing two images here)
d. Close the Media dialog

2. Verify, Post Format “Gallery” is selected in the Post
3. Verify, Flex Slider or Nivo Slider is select in the Post Settings

2) How do I remove the sidebar that I don’t want

Following tutorial will be helpful to you.

3) Why is there other features in the dashboard, such as ‘Slide Show’ if that doesn’t play a part in creating one?

This tutorial will be helpful to you.

4) Why is there a template called ‘front page’ if I can’t use it.

Following tutorial will be helpful to you.

Please try the above tutorials & Feel free to ask additional questions.