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How do I make the front page pic slider and add photos?

Following tutorials will be helpful to you,

All of my posts are “blog” posts. In order to get the “portfolio” will I need to copy and past all my blogs into a portfolio?…..

Blog and Portfolio are two different concepts. We will not recommend to copy your blog posts as portfolio. Portfolio is the showcase of your creative work and Blog is the news or articles of your blogs.

How do I add the newsletter signup in the footer like Home Page 1?

Simply, go to `Appearance > Widgets` and use `Contango Feedburner` widget in any Footer column widget area.

In my blog ( It has that weird title at the top that says “blog.” How do I remove this?

Please follow the simple steps,

– Go to `Appearance > Contango Options > Blog Settings`
– Use Blog Sub-Heading to control the display of Blog Sub Heading

Can I add my social medical links to the same menu bar that I have about/products/services/ etc? I saw it on another contango website who had it that way.

I am unable to understand your question. Please explain this so i will be able to guide your further.