Re: Mobile responsive and text size?


Following points will be helpful to you!

Hello, I purchased the Prana Pro theme because it looked like it had the options to create a mobile-responsive site and change the font size.

Prana Pro is RESPONSIVE. Prana Pro adjusts itself to the mobile resolutions automatically like,

  • It has responsive GRID based on Skeleton Framework
  • It stacks the elements horizontally automatically like Header, Sidebar Footer etc
  • It controls the image dimensions automatically.
  • It controls the major Font sections automatically like Services Widget Font etc

* You may re-size your browser to check the responsiveness of Prana Pro.
Can you tell me if it is possible to create a mobile-responsive site and change the font size with this theme?

As i explained earlier that all the major sections are controlled automatically. If you still want to control anything else than you may write your rules in the following CSS file,

  • prana/lib/css/media-queries.css