Re: Performance problem: Images are resized in HTML or CSS

Markus Schwingruber

Hi Admin,

Thanks for your quick reply. But this time I do not agree with your answer. I am sure there will be a severe problem in the ranking of Google if the “must have” recommendations of their page speed analysis regarding image optimization are ignored (and these are the ones I have in my original post above). After reading several articles on the web regarding this issue I find on of the most helpful article this one:
It says in the section “Best Practices for Images on Your Website”:
“Make the low-resolution version of your graphic available by default. While HiDPI displays are becoming more widely available, the technology has not yet been adopted by many computer and mobile device manufacturers. Serving high-resolution images by default would slow page speed unnecessarily for most users who are not using devices with retina displays. For the time being, using media queries to determine visitors’ screen resolution and serving them the appropriate image seems to be the best solution.”

Is there a way how you could implement this in Dicot?

Many thanks and best regards,

PS: Beside this issue a love the Dicot-Theme a lot. It’s awesome! Thanks!