Re: Site Logo without Jetpack



I want to have my WP as “clean” as possible – no plugins if possible.

This is good approach to install as minimum plugins as possible. Our themes require only Jetpack due to several reasons like,

– Jetpack is a trusted plugin developed by WordPress team.
– Jetpack is modular plugin, so you can deactivate the modules which you don’t want.
– To provide uniform experience for the clients using our WordPress themes.

Unfortunately, Jetpack is needed to implement my Site Logo. Is there a way to implement my custom logo without using Jetpack plugin?

WordPress Custom Logo is implemented in the WordPress 4.5 which is current release. We are only waiting for the release of WordPress 4.6, so we will implement WordPress custom logo in our all themes. It will help us to give a smooth experience for most of our users who are not yet upgraded to WordPress 4.5

Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion :)