Re: Spacing between widgets


Hi Graham,

On the home page I have the new slider, followed by the services widget. The problem is that they are stacked too close together and I need to create some space between them.

You can create margin/padding very easily. Your newly added widget will have some “unique class” just like our built-in widgets as,

After viewing source code,

Our Nivo Sider widget has class: widget_nivoslider-wrapper
Our Services widget has class: widget_services-wrapper

So you can create margin/padding by using your slider widget class. Just follow the steps,

– Identify your slider widget class SAY it is widget_slider-wrapper
– Go to Appearance > Contango Options > Extend Settings > Use Custom Style(s) > yes
– Enter the code in the Custom Style(s) like

.widget_slider-wrapper {
margin-bottom: 25px

CODE is just an example.

Thanks[CODE].widget_slider-wrapper {
margin-bottom: 25px

CODE is just an example.