Re: Understanding picture sizes


Some things on page speed or other testing tools can be ignored safely. e.g.,

Image Optimization: It is nearly impossible to get 100% image optimization. Some plugins like WP Smush “” may be helpful to you to achieve automatic image optimization.
Scaled Images: It is also same like Image Optimization. It again require customization to achieve this. Normally, 2x image are used to support Retina devices and some testing tools may point you that you should avoid scaled images.

You may try different testing tools to have an overview of your blog performance. Pingdom is really awesome tool. You may try it.

Important: Hosting is very important in Load Time and several other aspects. Good hosting helps you in several things.

Heads Up:

After lot of discussions, our development team is agreed to include some utility features to our themes. Following utility features will be supported by our themes in the upcoming versions,

– Remove query strings from static resources (Helpful in blog performance)
– SVG logo upload support (Helpful in using SVG logos)
– Header and Footer scripts – So, user can add scripts in the header and footer without modifying the theme. (Helpful in adding scripts)

Cell which is our latest WordPress theme is equipped with these and many other awesome features.

Why we ignore certain features in our themes:

We don’t believe in vendor lock-in. It means, our users can switch to other themes without fearing a loss of their data and many other things. This is the reason, we don’t include the features which may fall under plugin territory e.g in post social links, custom css etc

Thanks and Happy Blogging :)