Reply To: Several questions


Thank you for answer

Now 2 and 6 are ok. About others:

1. To be more clear. I like template like Full Width Open Template and Full Width Template just without this Blog bar on top. But not to do this in Contango Options > Blog Settings > Singular Sub-Heading > no, because this will remove Blog bar from other pages where need to stay. If i need to make new templates please tell me how.

3 and 4. I can not share url because my web site is still in development offline, with Wamp Server. But i told you about this move to top arrow on the bottom right. See image:

If just image is not enough than i will write you when my web site will be onlyne.

5. If they do this it will be nice. Even better if they tell how to remove numbers and % at the end of the bars 🙂

Thank you

With Respect
Zoran Velinov