Reply To: Several questions



About Blog Bar at Fullwidth or other Templates:

I think, there is no Blog Bar when you use any template. For Example,

Home Page 2

Further, your solution will work if you have edited the code.

3. How to remove To Top arrow without remove Footer Tail?

Please use the following CSS Snippet,

/* Remove Back to Top */
#kamntop_wrapper i {
	display: none;

4. How to change Text that appear when mouse over To Top arrow?

You need to edit the following file,

File: lib/utils.php
Line No: 666

5. How to make progress bars to moves from 0 to 100%, not from 100 to 0?

I have already pinged the Dev team about this. I will update you after getting their response.

7. Why my text in sub-menus is in 2 lines? Length of text is less than some in your Demo page. See picture:

It is due to length of characters in a word. You may adjust the it via following CSS Snippet,

/* Menu Spacing */
.menu ul ul.sub-menu a,
.menu ul ul.sub-menu a:visited,
.menu ul ul.children a,
.menu ul ul.children a:visited {
 	margin: 0 10px;