Re: A few questions; Nav Bar; Colors; Blog Roll



As for the blog roll stroke question…what I mean is if I wanted to outline my blog roll box, the one left of the sidebar, how would I do that?

Yes, you may style any part of sidebar by following the simple steps,

– Have a look to the source code.
– Identify the specific block e.g blogroll
– Style this block with its specific ID or Class. (You may write your style code in the style.css file)

Also, do you have any idea as to when the next update will be?

I am hopeful that this update should be released in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

For the time being, what do you suggest I do about my navigation bar not being centered? Is there a way to space out the buttons so it takes up the space of the bar?

Yes, you may add spaces before and after the label to increase the box width of a link,

     Home     [/CODE]

Thanks[CODE]     Home     [/CODE]