Re: Change Line Spacing and Font Size in Services


Thank you! I just tested this code and I can see how it can be a great option in some places. I was able to copy and paste the code right into services and then drop the CSS in the CSS editor.

I still think I would like to be able to change the spacing of the list to 1-1/2 spacing, though. In other words I’d like the option to incorporate both 1 line spacing and 1-1/2 line spacing in the services section. Will that be an option? Is it possible to do that now?

To clarify, I am OK with how everything appears in services now, except that I would like to have 1/2 line spacing between the services, i.e. 1/2 line spacing in the columns for the text that includes diamonds. I think I understand how to change the font size and spacing for the other sections of the columns.