Re: Flexi Slider timing and options


Hello Kamil,

Is it possible to change how long pictures are displayed before the next picture slides in? The Duration option seems to be only affecting the slide and fade time.

Your observation is correct as i have checked the code and “duration” is implemented via “animationSpeed”. I have listed it in the update track so the proper implementation of duration option will be fixed.


duration should be implemented by slideshowSpeed. You may temporarily set it in the following file,

File: contango/lib/core.php
Line #: 1914

[PHP]$holder = “
$( ‘.flexslider-“. esc_js( $widget_id ) .”‘ ).flexslider({
animation: ‘”. esc_js( $instance ).”‘,
easing: ‘”. esc_js( $instance ) .”‘,
animationSpeed: “. esc_js( $instance ) .”,
slideshow: “. esc_js( $instance ) .”,
controlNav: false

Also, can you explain (at least briefly) all those easing options like In, Out, Cubic, Expo etc? I don’t really see any difference between them.

We have implemented easing as per documentation by Flexslider. There might be some difference with “slide” animation.