Re: Google not picking up the correct page – only the TAGS


Hi there! Thanks for getting back to me on this and for the details. I did what you said and submitted my sitemap to Google through the Google Console. They all say ‘Pending’ now. I suspect in a few days or a week maybe I’ll see some change on the console? I’ll keep checking on it.

Thanks for the tip re: – interesting!

I am so used to my old/original website coming up on the first page all the time ( I doubt this new one will compete even though I am making lots of new, original pages. points at astrodreamadvisor which I think gives it a high rating. Annnnnyway, in case someone else has the same question as me I’ll outline below exactly what I did based on your advice so that it’s all really clear. There were a few roadblocks that I eventually got over :)

This is a good page telling you how to setup your Google Console (the new name for google webmaster tools):

Login/setup your Google Console account:

I had a hard time getting verified – I tried every method and failed several times. THEN, I found that I was uploading the html file to the wrong place. SO, if you choose the ‘recommended’ option which is to download the html file they give you and then upload it to your website THIS is how you do it. Click on the link to download it – save the file somewhere on your computer. Then, go to your cPanel and click on: FILE MANAGER and then Public_html – then click UPLOAD and upload that google html file to your public_html file. Then follow the rest of the instructions to verify your account. Voila!

Next you need to submit your sitemaps to google. Follow these instructions exactly and you’ll be on your way!

Hope that helps!