Re: Is it possible to create a portfolio of PDF’s that can be downloaded?


Hello Sal,
Let me clarify the concept of Portfolio in DesignOrbital themes.

Concept of Portfolio

Portfolio can be any thing i.e. Picture, Video, PDF, Presentation etc

Concept of Portfolio Post

  • Portfolio is a simple Custom Post Type (Just like normal blog post)
  • So it has all the power of a WordPress blog post,
    • You can write/compose just like a normal blog post
    • You can attach any media to the post like Videos, Images, PDF etc

Concept of Portfolio Display
As, we are dealing Portfolio a separate Custom Post Type, so its Display is totally different from a normal Blog Post. Only REQUIREMENT to beautify its display is at-least one Featured Image OR an image inserted to a particular post.

  • Example, We have displayed Video Portfolio(s) by taking Front Shot of these videos.

I think you have learned the Concept of Portfolio. As my idea,
How can I create a portfolio of these PDFs?

  • Prepare a beautiful Thumbnail (Featured Image) of your PDF file.
  • Create a new Portfolio Post and assign your created image as Featured Image to that Portfolio post.
  • Now the Display has been controlled by Contango theme and your visitor will fall at your created Portfolio post.
  • Now in that post, you can provide link to your PDF that will definitely be controlled by some suitable download plugin like Download Monitor

Upcoming Version of Contango
We are also planning to provide a Custom URL link at the Display level just like in Farad WordPress Theme. So the admin can bypass the default post link and can send the user to its desired URL without falling on Portfolio Post.