Re: Just upgraded to Prana Premium

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I have a couple of questions for you. I purchased Prana Pro v. 1.4 before Christmas, and now I see that you are up to v 5.0. What are the differences between these versions?

Please see the changelog of prana WordPress theme.

(ie. is is worth purchasing v 5.0?)

You don’t need to purchase Prana. I think your subscription will be active as it is valid for One year. So you can download Prana 5.0 from your members area. Please revisit the Changelog before going to upgrade Prana.

The web version as text in the Primary Sidebar – these do not show up at all in the iPhone version, but do in the iPad.

At small screens, sidebar go beneath the content. I am able to see the sidebar at iPhone.

Additionally, I have a table – three columns with a width of 200 – embedded in my posts . On the web version, this table is aligned with the width of the main post, on the iPhone and iPad versions, the width of the table extends substantially to the right.

First, we always recommend to use DIV based structure instead of tables. But if it is really needed to use tables, than following points will be helpful to you,

– Make very sure that width of table should be 100% not in pixels. %age based width adjusts to the view-ports automatically.
– Make very sure that width of any TD or TR should also be in %age instead of pixels.


Hi – I am not sure where I can download Prana v 5.0 – can you please send me instructions or a url?