Re: Linkability of Portfolio Featured Images


Hi Tara,

Hello there! Thanks so much for creating this beautiful theme – I’m having such fun creating with it.

You have created wonderful website powered by Farad WordPress Theme. Congrats!

Is it possible to add specific links to the Featured Images of the Portfolio section? Currently, all the images default link to the URL location of the image but I would like to ‘break’ this, so that these images can link to their corresponding Portfolio page.

Title will link to the Portfolio or Custom URL and IMAGE will link to prettyPhoto in the current version. There is no built-in option to link the image to the Portfolio or Custom URL.

Can you let me know how I might go about doing this? I’m happy to dig into the framework code in order to achieve this.

I have forward your question to our developers so they will share the code with you soon.

I have also added this option to our development track, so this option will be added in the incoming version of Farad.