Re: Most of the Permalink settings won’t work for me :(


OK, I figured it out – wooo!

In case anyone searches this same topic.

If you get this message in green on your Permalinks page: You should update your .htaccess now – then you need to:

copy and paste that last piece of code in my last post into a notebook file and save it as: x.htaccess – save as ALL FILES or it won’t save properly with no ending.

Then go to your cPanel or your File Manager and click on the public_html file then UPLOAD your x.htaccess file and then CHANGE FILE NAME to .htaccess (I think this must be important because it wouldn’t upload a plain old .htaccess file – it would only upload the x.htaccess file and then I was able to change the name to the correct one) and then right click on that and either go to Properties or Change Permissions and change them to be 6 6 6 (instead of 6 4 4) – It was denying me but then I just adjusted the MODE’s and the numbers changed. I saved that and then, voila, my pages are saving in the format I like now! Woooooweeee!

Then, you have to go back in and right click on the .htaccess file to change the numbers back to 6 4 4 for security purposes.

Hope that helps someone else!