Re: Remove sidebars/widgets from blog page and blog posts


Hi Royston,

I cannot find any way to remove the sidebar or the widgets in the sidebar from the blog page and individual blog posts.

I think, you are asking Blog layout without Sidebar. If this was your question, than Blog with single column is not supported in Prana, and we have not mentioned this feature in Prana Pro features.

This is also a little annoying as there is a large advert for Prana ‘Kamn’ embedded on the page, that I do not want on my own corporate website.

We have not embedded any code or advertisement on any page. We have a sample copyright text which can easily be changed via Prana Options. If i am missing something, please point me in the right direction so i will be able to look into the matter.

Please can you advise me how to proceed and remove the offending widgets.

I think, in this question you want to replace default widgets in the Primary Sidebar / Page Sidebar of Prana. Please follow the simple steps,

– Go to Appearance > Widgets
Drag any widget e.g. Categories and Drop it in the Primary Sidebar
– Default widgets will automatically be replaced with your own.

In this way, you can drop widgets of your own choice and customize your blog with your own taste.

Feel free to ask additional questions.