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    Current Site Hero Settings:
    Enable Site Hero At Single Post (Checked)
    Enabled Site Hero At Single Page (Checked)

    Current Effect:
    Site hero displays for all places except for my forums page which references a different php file than the rest of the site. This is great, however, whenever a user clicks on a specific forum, category, or topic the site hero reappears. Unchecking the “Enable Site Hero At Single Post” makes the site hero go away (and achieves the desired affect for the forums), but then I lose the site hero for the blog posts.

    Desired Effect:
    Make the forums behave as though the ‘Enable Site Hero At Single Post’ option is unchecked, but allow blog posts to behave as though the ‘Enable Site Hero At Single Post’ option is checked.

    Potentially helpful:
    I’m using as my bbPress root slug which means that anything*Here* or beyond should always have the site hero turned off.

    I do have a child theme set up so I’m looking for something simple I could add to my functions.php file.



    Thanks for your detailed query.

    Here are some points for your understanding.

    1. Forum root behaves like archive pages e.g. category, tag etc so the Site Hero will not display.
    2. Forum individual topics behave like single pages so the Site Hero will display.

    Now, you want a different control so the pages of forum should not display Site Hero but the normal blogs posts should be.
    I have just forward it to our developers and i will feedback you after receiving their response.



    And thank you for the quick reply! Ah, those points line up with the behavior that I was seeing – so that makes sense. I’ll be curious to see what the dev’s have to say.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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