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    I’ve noticed a design issue with the current theme. Sometimes it is not possible to view and therefore access all the menu items depending on the screen resolution.
    As an example, if I have a menu with 8 items, a maximum of 6 are visible and accessable. In order to access the last 2 menu items I should be able to scroll the menu or scroll the page but with the menu still visible. When I scroll the page, presently you loose the menu and no longer have access to the top menu .

    You can see the problem in the sample image taken from your live demonstration version of the theme . Only 4 of the 6 menu items are visible. In this case it is possible to scroll the page but if more menu items where added then they would not be accessable from this specific computer.

    Not being able to access a menu item is a show stopper for me and I suspect many of your customers. Is itt possible to fix this or alternatively replace the menu system with a different plugin/framework. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.



    We have designed the menu at our production environment to support at least 14″ monitors/laptops. In that environment the menu items are totally visible. As we and most of the web users are using mouse with Scroll Wheel option, so the page can easily be scrolled without leaving the menu place.

    I really appreciate your feedback and i have also forwarded this scenario to our developers to consider Menu height / font for the future versions.

    Take Care

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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